Budapest II. kerület, Budapest, Hungary | Established. Jan 01, 2019 | INDIE

Budapest II. kerület, Budapest, Hungary | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2019
Band Alternative Garage Rock




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Behind the Wall  25. 10. 2023

second album


1.       Follow Me
2.       Check the Likes
3.       Monster
4.       Light Behind the Wall
5.       Your Fire
6.       Brand New World
7.       Fear and darkness
8.       Evil Song
9.       This is the Way
10.   Different Kind of War

EP: Too Far  / instrumental album
Release date : 22 december 20222


1. Too Far
2. Autumn 22
3. Traveller

EP. Running Out Of Time /  Live album

Release date: 22 August  2022

1. Running out of Time
2. This is my Kingdom
3.Without Your Smart Phone

EP.:  Lights 

release date : 15 May 2022

1 Light Behind the Wall
2. Brand New World
3. Different Kind of War

First Album:  Updates 
release date : 6 april 2021

1.Go Insane
2.I Don't Wan to Know You
3. Our Culture
4. Dream
5. Alive
6. Updates
7. Year After Year
8. Without Your Smart Phone
9. This is My Kingdom
10. Still Friends



Dr. Nmy is an alternative rock band from Hungary. It was founded in 2014. They first appeared at concerts, then, since Covid it became primarily a studio project.

Their first album was released in 2021 called "Updates". It was more of a punk rock style.

From 2022, a new session musician joined them. Thanks to good guitar solos and more elaborate instrumentation, they were able to associate themselves with the alternative rock style.

In 2022, two EP’s were released under the title „Lights „and then a live album called „Running out of Time”. At the end of 2022 they realeases an instrumental album called „Too Far” with 3 songs.

They new single : „ Fear and Darkness” is out in august 2023.

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